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Negotiation Concessions are also sometimes referred to as ‘trade-offs’ where one or more parties to a negotiation engage in conceding, yielding, or compromising on issues under negotiation and do so either willingly or unwillingly. They often charge into the Information Exchange Stage, or even directly to Bargaining.Preparation starts with determining if this is a potential collaborative situation so that you can select the better strategy. One hallmark of a good working relationship is that parties don’t nickel-and-dime each other for concessions. Other strategies, like behaviour dependent tactics (such as Tit for Tat) [1,4] base their concessions on the concessions of the other negotiating party. Think ahead. Notice that this statement achieves three goals. Your email address will not be published. Second, emphasize the benefits to the other side. In negotiation, don't assume that your actions will speak for themselves. Refusal to move forward with the negotiation in this way is risky, but often very powerful. The Door in the Face Technique: Will It Backfire? This finding suggests that the same concession will be more positively received if it is broken into installments. The philosophy here is that there is no reason to make a concession of any kind when you are so far from agreement. If you don’t speak up, you’re going to get what your counterpart thinks you value or, worse, what is most convenient for your counterpart to give. Win/Win Negotiation Concepts, Strategies and Tactics, The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people half way. Prioritize the list in order of “most important to you” and “least important to you”. There are other reasons to make concessions in installments. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. LexisPSL Public Law in partnership with Walker Morris explain the new process for concession contracts procurement by contracting authorities and utilities under the Concession Contracts Regulations 2016, SI 2016/273.. That final vital strategy can be found here: 10 Amazing Secrets of Successful/Effective (Win/Win) Negotiators. Third, it also begins to define the precise form that reciprocity should take (“An extra month for each milestone… “). Negotiation Research Examines Ethics in Negotiating, 5 Common Negotiation Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them, A Token Concession: In Negotiation, the Gift that Keeps on Giving. Third, don’t give up on your original demands too hastily. In negotiation, don’t assume that your actions will speak for themselves. In this video, Professor Guhan Subramanian discusses a real world example of how seating arrangements can influence a negotiator’s success. A home buyer states, “I will buy your house for $480,000, but for that price, you will have to throw in your washer and dryer.” The seller responds, “If I do that, you will have to close escrow in thirty days,” or, “You will have to pay $482,000.” Here are 10 key concession strategies they always keep in mind as they plan their win/win negotiations…, Concessions may be the lifeblood of business negotiations. Herb Cohen, In negotiation, there’s no reason to let actions speak for themselves. But there are effective and ineffective ways to make concessions. Copyright © 2021 Negotiation Daily. Your counterpart is thinking, “If there is that much slack in the opening position, I wonder how much more there is”. Rather, each side learns about the interests and concerns of the other and makes good-faith efforts toward achieving joint gains. Enhance your personal, business and professional leadership credibility, respect, fairness, pride and collegiality. Seller Concessions. Skilled negotiators know that making strategic concessions at the right time can be an effective tactic in a negotiation. By developing and using a well thought out concession strategy. My advice to the executive: When trust is low or when you’re engaged in a one-shot negotiation, consider making contingent concessions. When a client praises her work, a smart consultant will quickly point out that the person who would really love to hear this praise is her boss (or other potential customers). What is Crisis Management in Negotiation? PON Staff — on July 16th, 2020 / Daily, Negotiation Skills. In “Concession Strategy Part 1 ” we explored what goes into a concession strategy, the importance of detecting your counter-part’s approach to negotiation (collaborative vs. competitive) and four guidelines for conceding. Contact us today. Where possible, concede in diminishing amounts. This is because they seek to pressure the other party to give first before being willing to give back. Where do I sign?' Firmspace Author By. The negotiation isn’t final until the agreement is made. For example, the time dependent tactics such as Boulware and Conceder [5] are characterised by the fact that they steadily concede throughout the negotiation process. We expect that you are now in a better position to make some changes to the project deadlines. Finally, making multiple, small concessions tells the other party that you are flexible and willing to listen to his needs. Objections. This gives you the budget to complete repairs later on your own time. Yet, an effective concession strategy is one that equips us to visualise all the moving parts of a negotiation, enabling us to manage our actions and interventions in a planned and considered way to achieve our goals. All of the above strategies are aimed at guaranteeing that the concessions you make are not ignored or exploited. During the course of a negotiation, concessions granted in return for concessions of equal value from the other side should not be made with the intention to withdraw later. As a result, it is your responsibility to label your concessions and make them salient to the other party—a responsibility that the manufacturer in the introductory example neglected. While each of these elements is critical, negotiators often overlook the need to define reciprocity. Researching this webinar for your organization? Be prepared for yours when the time comes. Seller concessions are closing costs that the seller agrees to pay for the buyer. If you are planning to do business with someone again, don’t be too tough in the negotiations. Disciplines > Negotiation > Activities > Developing the concession strategy. Published April 22, 2020 Share it. (Lewicki, Barry, Saunders. They conduct negotiations in a way that respects the relationship they have with their counterpart. Below you will find examples of various negotiation topics, including preparation, concessions, leverage, value, tactics, intimidation and more. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be! An extra month for each milestone would help us immeasurably.”. Next you spend time researching information, analyzing data and leverage, and identifying interes… Remember that no one understands what you value better than you do. While the 10 powerful concession strategies above will point you in the right direction, how well you’re able to manage your counterpart’s perceptions and present your concession strategy, is what will translate into how well your negotiations achieve successful, win/win Results with Relationship. The next day, on a different street, you find another $10 bill. Find out “how to” improve both your success, and your communication and negotiation effectiveness, by taking advantage of the FREE version of the Situational Communication® website/webinar. Negotiation Examples: How Avoiding Unprincipled Concessions Kept the Customer’s Respect (And Won More Revenue) April 3, 2017 / in Business Negotiations, K&R Success Stories, Negotiation Examples, Negotiation Strategy, Principled Concessions / by Mladen Kresic For example, the manufacturer could have explained the effect of a 3 percent wage increase on his firm’s bottom line or discussed how difficult it would be for him to justify it to his board of directors. Some are clearly untrustworthy or entirely self-interested. As with active listening, any good self-help book is going to tell us to develop our capacity … Making multiple small concessions indicates flexibility. If you demand immediate compensation every time you make a concession, your behavior will be seen as self-serving rather than oriented toward achieving mutual satisfaction. Before you enter a negotiation, make sure you’ve planned the various goals, positions and underlying interests (needs/priorities) you are prepared to trade for concessions of equal value from your counterpart. post; share; tweet; CFOs are better off negotiating with their landlords than trying to … When you’re interviewing with a potential employer, be prepared to share examples of your negotiation skills if they are required for the job for which you’re being considered. A concession is contingent when you state that you can make it only if the other party agrees to make a specified concession in return. All rights reserved. In Concession Strategy Part 2 we’ll focus on the five skills you should develop or refine to become a better practitioner of “win-win” negotiations. For example, consider the following negotiation between an IT services firm and a client. How quickly you offer concessions is just as important (and in some cases. For example, imagine that you are negotiating the purchase of a house and that a wide gap exists between your initial offer and the seller’s asking price. Examples of concessions might include car parks built on local authority-owned land, or toll roads and toll bridges. The manufacturer who offered a 3 percent wage increase to the employees’ union up front faced exactly this problem. Contact us: Call 1-800-391-8629 (outside the US: +1-301-528-2676) between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Keep track of both the concessions you make and those made by your counterpart. 3.2. By doing so, you’ll not only affect the other party’s perceptions of your goodwill but trigger your partner’s desire to reciprocate, and increase the level of mutual trust. 2007. To increase the likelihood that you get something in return for your concession, try to explicitly—but diplomatically—demand reciprocity. After that, you will … 5. They know that there are a number of concession dynamics that almost always occur in successful negotiations. 'That suggestion might work.' In the real estate example, you might discover that the initial $30,000 increase in your offer was all that you needed to sign the deal! Dr. Don MacRae is the author and passionate leader of Situational Communication® and the CEO of Lachlan Enterprises Incorporated (The Lachlan Group). Each negotiation will, if done properly, be concerned with trading concessions against each other. Join a Coalition. The above examples show the technique in operation. Why? Concede the least amount necessary to keep the negotiation moving. Unfortunately, while fostering such norms is desirable, it is not always possible. Negotiation Concessions often include ‘log rolling’. They are expected. Their goal is to achieve a mutually acceptable result that satisfies the interests (needs/priorities) of both sides at the lowest cost to each. Coming up with reasons that a deal doesn't benefit you. To make this post relevant, we’ll break it down in terms of how to view concessions from a sales person selling to a customer and a purchasing agent dealing with a vendor .

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